IKEA Foundation Supports New Energy Nexus Indonesia

2019-08-21T21:15:13+07:0021 August 2019|Energy, English, Press Releases|

IKEA Foundation has committed $10 million over the next three years (2019 - 2021) to support the ecosystem of entrepreneurs and accelerators addressing Indonesia’s energy access and renewable energy challenges.

New Research Finds Crisis in Global Trade of “Recyclable” Plastics

2019-04-24T17:00:04+07:0024 April 2019|English, Environment, Press Releases|

Plastic waste from industrialized countries is literally engulfing communities in Southeast Asia, transforming what were once clean and thriving places into toxic dumpsites.

Companies Failed to Pay $1.3 Billion Fine for Forest Destruction

2019-02-15T09:53:46+07:0015 February 2019|English, Environment, Press Releases|

Greenpeace analysis into official data from the government of Indonesia shows companies have failed to pay US$1.3 billion fine for damaging forest and forest fires.

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